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EverythingRS provides both players and developers with the best source for all things Runescape Private Servers. Our RSPS toplist and RSPS tools should help you kickstart your journey! No matter where you're starting off choose EverythingRS for the best RuneScape experience. We offer developers with special tools to start their servers including a custom Store, Hiscores and Vote feature with lifetime updates.

RuneScape Private Servers Toplist

Since 2004 RuneScape Private Servers have changed the way we think and play the top rsps. Our rsps 100 top list will show you the best servers currently on the market. Whether you're interested in an rsps economy or spawn pk server, you can find all of the above on our listing. Get ready to join a server and gain fast gp.

What is a RSPS?

RuneScape Private Servers, or RSPS, are a great way to experience a new take on the classic MMORPG RuneScape. These servers are run by dedicated communities and individuals, they offer a ton of custom content and modifications that provide an exciting twist on the original game. Playing on a RSPS makes it easier to level up, earn items and other skills.

How can I make a RSPS?

To make your own RuneScape Private Server you can join EverythingRS's official Discord channel which is dedicated for communities of players and developers. On our RSPS Discord you'll be able to find tips, ask questions and learn more about how to start your own RSPS.