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Server Description

The server may not be flawless, but we hope you will come with us on the path to flawless. We have some of the most unique content you won/t find anywhere else. We also offer 15+ bosses, 8+ minigames, Raids minigame, Zulrah, perfect Player killing system, and MUCH MORE. Our team members are dedicated, regardless of if they/re part of development or the staff team. Our developers are experienced, and are dedicated to bringing you the best updates, uptime, and anything else that makes a community run. We are constantly updating our game to best suit what the players want. Whether it/s Player vs. Monster, Player vs. Player, or skilling, we have it!

We are constantly focusing on what our community wants. Being as active as possible and caring about Avalon is a guarantee from the staff team that our players will notice. 

About Avalon

The server will be a pvp (deadman) oriented server with twists here and there, for example everywhere is pvp (no safe zones), Zombies around the world ready to eat you up, you spawn with high combat level stats and good hybrid combat gear to fight instantly & once you die, your equipment degrades to a lower tier hybrid gear after your first death. Our beta will determine from the suggestions of our testers wether skilling & pvming will be a thing. THIS PROJECT IS INSPIRED FROM PUBG, AGARIO & DEADMAN MODE.

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