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Thank you for taking a look at our advertisement thread. 

This is a brand new server (Kronos-Based) with a staff team who not only have YEARS of experience with RSPS/s, but is attention to detail oriented, to provide the best possible RSPS experience possible! 


We have a fully functioning Runelite

- We have Chambers of Xeric

- A custom Item upgrade system

- Poll System so all the updates are voted by YOU !

- 1 v 1 Tournament System

- 25% more xp on week-end


- PvP Armours

- PVP hotspot

- Custom Bosses (Brutal Lava Dragon etc.)

- Revenant caves

- A functioning integrated discord

- All wilderness bosses

- Rooftop agility

- Custom home

- Guides for every aspect of the server

- Fully functioning Grand exchange 

- Safe gambling

- Esc to close interfaces, OSRS hotkeys

- OSRS content

- Semi-Custom Content (no rainbows - everything custom is still in the OSRS theme)

- Lots of AFK content

- Multiple Events a day

- Newly added skilling and boss pets

- Extremely F2P, you don/t need to donate to progress

- Unique in-game Hiscores

- Updated Interfaces

- Home expanded

- Non toxic environment

- Fully working construction

-So much more content that one post cannot fit!

-Small non inflated economy!

-Staff team is professional, here to listen, and mature!

-We also have some EXTREMLY knowledgeable and motivated players to help you around the clock!


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