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September 1, 2018

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šŸŒŸ Delve: The Nexus of Realism and RSPS Adventure šŸŒŸ

Delve combines the intricate charm of OSRS with the lively excitement of a private server. Jump into a world meticulously crafted for those who crave authentic RuneScape vibes but want a unique spin to their adventures.

šŸ›”ļø Our Dedicated Team:

Owner & Main Developer: Myself

GFX Developer: Hardrada

Website Development: Zeeks

Map Development: Myself

Community Management: Myself

Administration: Zeeks, Hardrada

Moderation: Kris

Support: Shitted lol

šŸ“œ About Delve:

Long in the making, Delve is now backed by a fresh and passionate team ready to deliver a gaming experience like no other. Our commitment? Ensuring players are at the heart of every update and feature.

šŸ¹ Delve Features At a Glance:

Combat Prowess: Perfect your skills with responsive switching, realistic NPC/Player Pathing, varied prayers, and lethal specials.

Skilling Galore: From the might of Strength to the finesse of Fletching, cultivate a vast range of skills.

Minigame Arena: Dive into challenges ranging from Barrows, Wintertodt, to the Chambers of Xeric and the mysterious Tombs of Amascut (WIP).

Boss Battles: Face iconic adversaries like Zulrah, Corporal Beast, Godwars, and many more.

Extras: Engage in trade with the Grand Exchange, track achievements with the Collection Log, and explore diverse game modes including Ironmen and Rogue Mode.

Join us in Delve - where every moment is an adventure, every skill a journey, and every player a part of our story.

Interested in being a part of our team? Reach out and let/s talk!