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DiscoScape RSPS

DiscoScape is an exciting 317 Revision private server with the graphics and items of future revisions, We all love the classic the 317 revision, however we also love the new items such as Torva, Statius. Virtus and so on. DiscoScape brings the best of both worlds and combines the two.

Within DiscoScape, there will never be a dull moment, whether you want to play with friends, or play solo and make friends along the way, there is ALWAYS something to do to keep you entertained and ever progressing your DiscoScape account.

Bossing? DiscoScape currently offers over 20 Bosses for you to try to Solo, or tag team!

Gambling? DiscoScape offers a dedicated area to gamblers to try and hit the jackpot, either play with other players, or agaisnt an NPC!

Trivia? Every so often on the server a random related question will be asked, the players to quickly answer will be awarded trivia points which can be spent on items!

Quests? We currently offer two quests, with more to come!

The Economy is Balanced, No unfair players, and No abuse from staff in terms of entering rare items into the Economy.


COME JOIN US AT DISCOSCAPE.INFO. Press the PLAY NOW button at the top to Download our Sexy client!

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