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Server Description


  • Achievement system from PvM/ing, PvP/ing, and Skilling.

  • All skills are almost completely working.

  • Teleport/s that require Achievement Diaries being done.

  • Daily Tasks for rewards and points.

  • Wilderness Event Bosses with rewarding drops and caskets.

  • Old School Wilderness bosses.

  • More than 10 minigames.

  • Well Of Goodwill which grants bonus experience, drop rates, and pk points.

  • Banks with tabs and place holders.

  • Ultimate Ironman, Ironman, Extreme Mode, and Regular Mode.

  • Auto-mated voting and store purchasing system.

  • Client that saves up to four accounts with password.

  • Easy, Medium, Hard, and Boss Slayer Tasks.

  • Functional Inferno Caves.

  • Tekton & Skeletal Bosses.

  • Cerberus & Corporal Beast.

  • Fast and powerful dedicated server.

  • Pets awarded from killing bosses to skilling.

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