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Welcome to Dragonstone - The best new 317 custom server! We a ton of content & ideas from OSRS, pre-eoc, and plenty of custom content addtions. Dragonstone offers many game modes, including Team Ironman (Groups of 4). Our raids are extremely fun and provide just enough challenge to keep players grinding for more. The custom bosses around Dragonstone are designed to give players the best experience possible. With a dedicated community including the staff team and developer constantly online waiting to interact with you and your friends. Come check out Dragonstone today and see what you/re missing!





- Custom starter gear with a tier system!

- Theatre of Blood

- Group Ironman (Teams of 4)

- The Gauntlet minigame that mimics OSRS

- Custom Bosses

- Custom raid (more coming soon!)

- Particle System

- Full Karuulum Dungeon with 100% Alchemical Hydra

- Wilderness slayer

- OSRS Revenant Caves

- Custom Deeper wilderness Revenant Caves

- Dedicated Staff team

- Corporeal beast

- Plenty of OSRS pets as well as custom pets for players to enjoy

- Working Dwarf Multi Cannon

- Custom donator zones and benefits

-Working Hardcore Ironman

- Working Clue Scrolls

Working Dwarf Multi Cannon

World events including the crashed star!

Unique active community

Tons of OSRS & Custom pets

Clue Scrolls with Steps

More information & screenshots coming soon!

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