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Fallen is an oldschool RSPS jam packed with content. The underlying mission of Fallen is to provide a truly enjoyable oldschool experience. The massive grind for skills is no more with Fallen/s reduced EXP rates. Still like a challenge? You can opt in to have a harder exp rate (and also have a higher boss drop rate!). Prefer to play alone? Join Fallen as an ironman - destined to play the game alone. With over 35 bosses, gambling (dice and flowers), upgradeable armor, custom items and rares, raid items such as the Twisted bow, a pet for EVERY boss, slayer helmet (i)/s, Iron man and Ultimate Iron man modes, max capes, endless outifts to acquire, pvm points, skilling points, PVP armour such as vesta, crystal key chests, an achievement system, minigames, flawless PKingn, an automatic donation system and so much more, there will never be a boring moment while playing Fallen.

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