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Welcome to Induction!

We will be working our best to get you the content and game play you deserve, we want you to tell us what issues there are with our server / client which we highly doubt there will be any at all, but your feedback / opinion is very important to us and we will get this server to where it needs to be.

We are aware that the road we are going to walk down is going to be a long / slippery / bumpy one and are willing to do what ever it takes to get to the end of it! Even when we have implimented your wishes we will not stop there.

Our aim is to create one of the most unique private servers the web has to offer filling it with the things you enjoy the most! You are the reason we are here and you are what is important to us.

Thank you for stopping by to read this description on what we aim for and who we are ;)

We hope to see you in game!

Kind regards,

Induction staff team.

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