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Server Description

We are here to bring back ViceOs but under a new name wich is MantrixOs

Come and join us at MantrixOs

U can play at [URL=""]Play Now[/URL]

Our website is [URL=""]Website[/URL]

Our owner is The Mantrix

Enjoy playing!


- Economy based server 

- HD textures / Resizable screen 

- Curses

- 25+ Bosses 

- 100+ achievements

- Boss pets 

- Completionist and maxed cape

- Custom minigames 

- Game modes

- 100+ custom items 

- All working skills

- Bank tabs

- Free-for-All minigame

- Gambling and lottery

- Shooting stars and Evil trees

- Trivia, loyalty and boss points shop

Updates done


Fixed Looting Bag

Completly Rewritten the Drop System

New interface in Drop Tables

Rewritten all Commands cause the code was rlly bad

New Home Location 

Rewritten skills and experience for much Skills

Fixed Zulrah was rlly buggy + Added Timer

Reworked Shops with new Interfaces

Fixed Zombie Slaugther Minigame

Fixed much Anims like 2h, whip and more

Removed Fog from client

Fixed Zooming in client

Added new Login System

Added a Flagging System

Added Anti-Spam

Fixed Anti Cheat System

Fixed lobster fishing animation and experience 

Opal requires level 1 crafting to cut 

Added much new Commands

Added Shutdown(counts from 1 minute and saves every 5 seconds)

Much Other Bugs and Dupes Fixed

Changed well of goodwill to 500m and 1 hour ---> Added votes to fill well of goodwill 

Added a temporary vpn block 

Changed experience rate to 75x rs.

Added that Grand exchange can/t be opened in any custom locations, only default 

Fixed Mith Grapple now u can usw it in Godwars.

Nerfed lamp experience rates 

Added location checking for banking, ge, and player owned shops 

Added login check for username that ends with space 

Added direct check for 5294 exploit 

Added items to slayer point shoip and reduced slayer skillcape point bonus 

Fixed Infinite Prayer Glitch

Started Adding Kraken,Venetatis and more







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