Nexus RS3: 90X

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  • All working 26 Skills with M&S Rework

  • x20, x10, & x5 Selectable Rates with Drop Rate Dependencies

  • Skilling Tab Teleport System

  • Area Loot

  • Clan Lootshare

  • RS3 Lootbeam System

  • Functional Abyss and Runespan

  • All RS3 Degradable Items with Repairs

  • Fully working Cosmetics and title system

  • Fully Coded Araxxi, Vorago, AOD, & Telos

  • 20+ Bosses including Rise of The Six, and Godwars Dungeon 2, Telos & AOD

  • PVP areas such as the duel arena, wilderness, red/white portal and more

  • Slayer Dungeons such as the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon (Elite Dungeons coming soon)

  • Random Events / Warbands / Penguins (Boss World Events Coming Soon) / Seasonal Events

  • Working clan system with ranking, inviting, clan motto/s, motifs, flags, vexillums and jobs

  • Minigames such as the Barrows, Pest Control, Dominion Tower, Fight Caves, Fight Kiln, Puro-Puro, Sorcerer/s Garden and many more

  • x1.5 Well of fourtune

  • Selective DXP Weekends

  • 100% Keepsake system

  • Quick Prayers

  • 90%+ Prifddinas

  • Fully Working Max Guild

  • Skilling/Boss/Slayer Pets

  • Portables and Divine Locations

  • Voice of Seren Active within Prifddinas

  • Automated Donating

  • 2 Tier Donation zones

  • Player Perks / Voting Perks

  • Login Security Authentication

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