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OS Envy are always looking to expand our content, whether it be via new skilling methods, bosses, PvP areas or tasteful new items. OS-WORLD current loads 120 OSRS data and boasts numerous bosses and monsters including Demonic gorillas, with their signature drops, Wilderness bosses, and most other bosses in OSRS. Our skilling is enjoyable and smooth, and with 21 working skills theres plenty of opportunities to spin a profit in what you choose to do. Its not all about skilling and PvMing though, we account for PKers too. We boast full OSRS bounty hunter, PvP world-style Grand Exchange singles PKing, and a high-risk area to be released shortly. Our combat is especially good for hybrids and NHers. With consistent updates, were always trying to get the best out of what we can achieve and strive to provide a high standard of work.


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