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Welcome to Proximity Pk / Project Proximity.

Proximity Pk originally started as a after-work time waste to just practice and get a feel back. One day, one of my ex-players from my previous server, Elysium, messaged me and asked what I was up to....and I told him. We conversated a bit and I said I don/t really want a Eco based server anymore, as for the amount of effort and time needed to create and play them, why bother if it/s just going to be wasted. Then I strumbled across Oak/s fabulous release, and started building off that. I used to play this server called Generation X by this young fellow named Legend, and I had a blast on it every time I got on, that/s my goal for this project, as well as expand my java fluency. So, theirs a little backstory.


+ Elvarg based

+ VPS Hosted

+ Community Driven

+ Spawn / Pk (with blood money as the main form of currency!)

+ PvM & Combat scripts for them

+ Fashionscape items (such as occult (or) and armadyl godsword (or))

+ Dragon claws, ballistas, elder maul, ancesteral, eternal, pegasian, primordial boots, twisted bow and many more items

+ Items such as occult necklace provide the proper maxhit/accuracy boosts as stated in OSRS wiki.

+ Loot Guide / Viewer ::lootguide

+ Friendly staff, community

+ Treated as a Project. Not a business.

+ Everything can be earned legitimately, as well as sped up via microtransactions

+ donate...

+ Bounty Hunter w/ Emblems & Upgrading

+ Gambling (Flower Game) & Staking

+ Customizable Hotkeys

+ Pets

+ Camera zooming

+ Kill / Killstreak rewards

+ Enjoyable

+ Venom

I know what your thinking, "mmm...nothing special..." I get it. This was made purely so others can have fun, practice, whatever the case may be. Give it a try.

Thank you.


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