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I/d like to invite you to  https://www.ragefire.org/forum forum

Its a 317 Based RSPS, With a variety of unique, enjoyable



We release in 4 days time Link: https://ragefire.org/forum

we have a proffesional staff team & and two Dedicated Top developers

pushing out Daily Updates.

we recently added a fully functional prestige system and soulwars

a new unique minigame known as Conquest & Functional Raids and Inferno with over 60+ Unique Bosses with boss pets and unique Combat scripts on a 317. We are simply unique.

& MUCH MUCH MORE, If i was to explain to you how much was work was put into this server, i/d end up writting an essay.

Since we are a new server, we are giving every player who signs up on forums before the release (Which is in 5 days time, 01/13/2018)

2 Free Mystery Boxes.

Sign up on forums: https://ragefire.org/forum

You Can also watch a video of Ragefire RSPS:


Recent Update Logs: 

Be sure to judge us by our updates. =)

Recent Update Logs: 

Be sure to judge us by our updates. =)




Kind Regards

Ragefire Community.”


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