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RealityX - For the players!

RealityX is a server made from the hearth, to the players! The server is player based and is aiming to strive for what the players want! We are a developing team of 3 and are focusing on what the community wants! We are trying to mix pre-eoc with some of the current OSRS features! RealityX is constantly growing thanks to the loveable community we have and the constant update it gets! We offer a variety of minigames and bosses to slay, also the more it/s growing the more active the Wilderness will get! Below is a list of the note-able features we offer!


Note that features marked with * is being worked on!

Available skills :

- All combat skills!

- Literally all skills (including construction)!

Available bosses

- Fully Working King Black Dragon

- Callisto*

- Fully Working Kraken

- Skotizo*

-  Vet/ion

- Venenatis

- Full Godwars

- Corporeal Beast

- Wildy Wyrm

- Queen Black Dragon

- Avatar Of Creation

- Sunfreet

- Bork

- Kalphite Queen

- Dagannoth Kings

- Leeuni

- Tormanted Demons

- Nomad

AND.. a tons of other bosses!

Available Minigames :

- The RuneSpan

- Warriors Guild

- Crucible 

- Fight Caves (All Waves)

- Fight kiln

- Dominion Tower

- Clan Wars

- Castle Wars

- Troll Invasion

- Duel Arena

- Sorceress/Gareden

- Barrows 

- Livid Farm

- Recipe for Diaster

- Zombie Invasion

- Lava Flow mines

- Pest Control

& Alot more!


Come check us out! We are awaiting you! 

Click here for forums!

Click here to download our client!


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