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Welcome to ReaperScape! A True 317 from 2006! 

Working Highscores, Ironman, Ultimate Ironman and Hardcore Ironman!

Quests: 30+

All equipment stats

All working Modern Spells

All working Ancient Spells

Faster experience

Perfect Combat

Perfect Pathfinding

Hours of fun! Join today!


All working Necromancy spells w/ spellbook!

Discord- Link

Client - Download










A fun community driven server with 1 owner ! Would love for people to come and have some fun!

I constantly update things while keeping the server uptime to 24/7. Constantly backup server files to make sure no accounts are lost.

Join ReaperScape today! I/ve Been with the RSPS community since OCT 2009!


Discord- Link

Client - Download

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