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Requiemscape is a fast growing new runescape private server 718 based.

We have 2 dedicated owners and are looking for people that want to become player moderator, forum moderator and help with advertising and the wiki.

Requiemscape is a wilderness based server where we balance things out around the wilderness, but we have things for pvmers and skillers too.

The wilderness offers the highest risk in the game, it/s only logical that it should offer the highest return. We try to revive the old foodchain.And bring purpose tho these wastelands. Filling it with wealth, and encourage the players to see it more as a bloody battleground.

Bosses with rare drops,training area/s with unparalleled experience gain and harvestable recources that can/t be found anywhere else in the game! The possibilties are endless for those who skill and those who kill


A solo pker or small team must have a chance for profit as do the skillers or large clans!

The wilderness is a dangerous place, or at least it should be, an area feared by many. We at Requiemscape are trying to make it so, with continuent updates to make it an appealing place for everyone.

We strive for an active wilderness, so it will not only be inhabited by pkers but it will also be a secondary home to adventurers and skillers. We will create a mix so everyone has a reason to come here. The basic concept is that we are trying to create a place where people will go and obtain recources in a ton of different ways! We will fill this forgotten dark waste land with high valueable items and opportunity to make some big money! This doesn/t come without a risk. We are consciouly luring(in a good way) people in to the wilderness, Skillers, Pkers, Adventurers, basicly everyone! People that like to fight, where do you go? Wilderness, get their items and have fun! But beceause we are making sure the most valueable items are in the wilderness we attract other players beside the pkers, A skiller for example might go and get some goodies from an area in the wilderness, but he has to watch his back , who knows there/s a sneaky pker lurking around the corner to steal everything he has worked so hard for. But with this idea, the same counts for the pkers, they might think they are smart with going after defenceless skillers. But their might be that one team who/ll hunt those pkers down beceause they already risk a little bit more in terms of items then a skiller. The same counts for those teams whom might be threatened by big clans! This system will create a healthy foodchain in the wildy. We also implent a ton of different bosses, wich will have a higher droprate or exclusive drops then the bosses in safe zone, this will have the same effect.

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