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We/re the new, Brand new


We/re here to stay, I/m going to pay Developers to keep this alive and happy, the community happy, the staff, and everybody involved Happy, That/s our goal, happiness, freedom, wisdom


I believe the Community is what makes a server start, you hear it a lot but it/s god damn true, you see shit servers with happy active players for a reason! There only up because of the happy players willing to donate to keep playing what they put their time and effort into, welcome to mine, and this is just the begginning, i/ve learnt over the past decade of developing that the truth is the community makes us who we/re and if you guys don/t give this a go, well i will have to try again won/t i, maybe change the name, but as you might remember, quivira, or TorvaRev, i co hosted.


I/m a Hoster, you/ll meet my developers if you/re lucky because they/re so damn busy under my thumb making sure you guys will get what you need, want and deserve.


Love Chapyyy

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