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We are here to do customs different. We have just started and are basic however,

our dedication is not something you see in others, we do not stop dedicating our time to the server.

everyday we are here with our players dedicating our time and efforts into building the server.

I don/t want to waste time listing out what we have or what/s to come. I will take the time to say that here you will not 

be wronged... You ever been banned by a server for a bs reason and it took forever to get a ticket through to get unbanned?

Have you ever actually had ideas that you thought of added into the server?

With us on RsPrime we strive to be the best that we can be, with that we love to involve our community in the decisions of 

development. Meaning we allow you to submit not just suggestions but proposals for new content. We brain storm and talk about these things

and who knows it might go in! We love our players and we are NOT the usual money hungry servers you see today. 

Join us, Help build a brighter future for custom servers and just have fun!

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