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A New Rsps With a good amount of settings to best fit your rsps experience needs. We have all the regular bosses a runescape private server is suppose to have zulrah , king black dragon , God wars bosses , dagannoth kings , frost dragons , tormented demons , chaos elemental , slash bash , kalphite queen , phoenix , bandos avatar , glacors , corporeal beast , nex , callisto , vet/ion , venenatis , kraken , scorpia. We have wilderness teleports ghost town , demonic ruins , chaos altar , east dragons ( and west ) , mage bank , and edgeville ditch. Minigames like duel arena barrows pest control warrior/s guild fight caves fight pits graveyard. Monster teleports to armoured zombies , monkey guards , monkey skeletons , chickens , dust devils , goblins  ghouls chaos druids bandits ghouls yaks experiments rock crabs. 

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