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Server Description

  • Old School Bosses such as Cerberus, Callisto, Venenatis Scorpia, Vet/ion, Zulrah and much more to come.

  • Old School Items such as Toxic Staff of the Dead, Blowpipe, Trident of the Seas, Tentacle Whip, Zamorkian Hasta, and much more.

  • Minigames, such as Fight Caves, Pest Control, Warrior Guild, Barrows, Duel Arena, Clan Wars, Weapon Game and more to come.

  • An active gambling community where players can play various games of Dice, & Flower games, through Hosts, and trusted members of the community.

  • A fully working Wilderness Target System which allows players to hunt their targets for Bonus Rewards.

  • Boss Pets for all Bosses, such as Kraken, Callisto, Venenatis, Scorpia,  Zulrah  etc.

  • All working skills

  • Achievements Systems which allow players to be determined to complete and earn rewards based upon completion

  • Lag Free Dedicated Hosting, With 24/7 Uptime, and no chance of being shut down.

  • Great Community Forums, which are appealing to players with great performance and speeds.

  • Fully working Combat System with unique formulas.

  • Working Experience Drop System along with OsRs Exp Rates while in Combat with Players.

  • Fully working Clan Chat System, with Ranks, Coin Share, Loot Share, Permissions, Icons, and more.

  • And many more.

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