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What is skotos? Skotos is a OSRS based server that bring a lot of the content that OSRS has, including all bosses, skills, items and game modes such as Iron man, Ultimate Iron man and Hardcore Iron man, all fully working! Skotos is a server for the community to enjoy and have fun on, the creators focus on making the server better for the player base which is why you should join Skotos today!

Why should i play? We have a lot of content on Skotos such as Last Man Standing with prizes, Wildy Events every hour with blood money and Emblem Tier rewards, Wilerness keys from slayer the give great supplies, Blood money store, No kill count needed for godwars dungeon, Inferno, No task needed for slayer bossing, Well of Goodwill which can be filled by the community to gain xp boost for 2 hours,

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