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Server Description

Whether you are new or experienced everyone is welcome to join. The server is re-opening as a different source and as such deserves the appropriate remodeling on here.

Hoping to see new people as well as people returning from the previous server.

As this is just recently opening, will be searching for dedicated players to help with staff and help bring this server activity so that it can be the fun, active environment it was intended to be.

What you can expect:

Various pictures of the server but not inclusive of everything: https://imgur.com/a/z7xeUhO

Friendly and helpful staff - Online 24/7 - Game difficulties (Easy, intermediate, hard, ultimate) - Ironman - Ultimate Ironman

Voting Shop - Voting rewards- Achievements - Prestige system - All suggested improvements will be read and taken into consideration - Bank Tabs

In-game leaderboard - PK shop - Trading posts - Drop Table lookup - Gambling - Boss pets - Titles - Remember me account saving (client) - Dedicated VPS for server

Server Feedback