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Loot Viewer    

Teleport interface & w/ history    

Custom Zulrah    

Ironman, UIM Modes.

Skillcape Perks    

Bank [x], all-but-one

Achievements with Rewards    

Ironman specific shops

Custom Items/models (Ecumenical Key)    

Shift-click dropping    

Fixed, Resizeable, or Fullscreen modes    Custom,

 unique clue scroll system

~30 Bosses    

Extensive logging    

Discord Integration    


Vote rewards    

FULL Fletching + Enchanting    

FULL Crafting    

Smith all & [x]

Unique (toggleable) walking animations    

Multiple modes    

Team dungeoneering    Decanting

Boss slayer tasks    

Convenient skilling plots    

Jewelcrafting & enchanting    Runespan

Slayer tracker

Boss pets

Drop logs

Holiday Events

Bonus EXP    Quick prayers

Well of Good Will    

Unique skilling areas

Kill tracker    Curses    

Unique PvM    Custom Clanchat Color

Username highlighting

Returning lost pets

BoB healing    

Right-click summoning orb

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