~ Brand New Custom 317 Server! ~ PvM ~ FFA Events ~ Global Bosses ~ Drop Rate System ~ Active Discord ~ Community Driven Updates ~ Beta ~

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February 27, 2023

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ValiantPS Custom 317

Custom Gear & Weapons

Custom NPC/s and Raids

Player Owned Shops and Junk Shop 

Upgrade & Item Combiner Interface

Drop Rate System 

Custom Zones & Donator Zones

Global Bosses & FFA Events

Community Driven Updates

Active Discord w/ Future Giveaways



ValiantPS is a brand new custom 317 server in beta stages. We pride ourselves on the love and support from our community and strive with each update to better the player experience and grow as a family. We are active on discord if you cannot find help in game. Be a part of our growth and check us out! Voting rewards 2 Super Donator boxes and "::ref socom" in-game awards a free Collector Necklace at 200 total level!